Police Home Loans. Specialist brokers for NSW police officers.

Maximise available benefits, discounts & offers

Our goal is to maximise your outcome as a customer. This includes mortgage reduction strategies, debt reduction strategies, purchasing power strategies and ultimately where you can live & invest.

Trusted expert advice

We are full members ​​​​​​​​of the industries peak nation body The Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA).

Solutions and advice

Like you the biggest part of our job is finding solutions that work well under real world conditions.

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    Learning more about Police Home Loans

    Our business is advice and strategy based. We are widely recognised as having superior knowledge of bank & lender policy as it relates to Police in New South Wales. We use this knowledge to increase the number of options police customers have & the quality of those options.

    Built on referrals

    Our clients recognize that correctly selecting and structuring their home loan is probably the most important and impactful financial decision of their lifetime. The right home loan is a tool to improve where you live and even how you live. It is the basis for everything that follows. Our clients appreciate the difference we have made to them and only refer us to clients who could benefit from and appreciate our approach. Ask a friend, someone in your PAC has probably used our services.

    Why Choose Us?

    Most police families will have a raft of different options. We will help you compare apples and apples.

    Tell us your plans, goals and ideas. We will help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

    We will build a recommendation for you based on the facts you tell us. We will find a lender that understands your issues.

    What they say about us!

    • "This is the first time we have used a Broker over going direct to the Banks, what a shame we didn't do it earlier. Absolutely fantastic customer service and help from Don and his team. From the very beginning in talking with Don, I was amazed at how much help he could offer, his wealth of experience and know how which took all of the stress of refinancing out of my hands (& maybe into his). He never sounded like it was false helpfulness, he got the best deal for us, which I couldn't get going directly to a Bank and with both of us working full time it just wasn't possible. A lot of companies could benefit from his team's great customer focus. I am very happy to recommend them as a great broker and business to deal with, don't waste your time, get in touch with the experts on the Coast."

    • "They were able to achieve the exact outcome which we discussed with Don. Give Don a call, I’m confident he will be able to achieve the outcome that you wish for. Since using them I have referred my sister who has also been able to achieve what she wanted after she was advised by other financial institutes it was not possible. We are very happy with the service and the outcome and would highly recommend Don and Liz."

    • "Hey Don, standing in the new house as we speak. Can’t wait to get on the tools and rip up the old carpet and lino. Thank you for helping me buy my first house. It definitely wouldn’t have been possible without you."

    • "What can I say Don had a huge challenge ahead of him dealing with my wife and I. Why you ask? Simply because my lovely wife had been a mortgage broker for 10 years before she changed jobs. I felt sorry for Don at first as she is very particular about doing everything right to a point of OCD. Don is switched on, honest, proactive, attentive and very helpful. He contacted us nearly every day even if he didn't have any further news. Honestly he called us before we called him and I honestly can't speak highly enough of Don, his staff and the service you receive with them. Thanks again guys for your help in getting our dream home"

    • "My wife and I contacted Don and his team as we wanted a better deal on our existing loan. We found that Don and his professional team were able to meet and exceed our expectations of what a mortgage broker can do. From the initial call through to settlement they kept us informed every step of the way. I would not hesitate to recommend Don and his team to any person wanting a better deal on their loan."

    • "Thankyou Don & Liz and all the team for your wonderful service, professionalism & support throughout the time we have dealt with you. Highly recommend to all our
      family & friends!!"

    Evidence matters when it comes to real estate

    When it comes to property, information is extremely valuable. All our clients have access to real property data from core logic. Simply send your broker the address of the properties you have interest in. They will generate a five page valuation report on the property for you.

    2024 Housing Market Updates


    Our panel is made up of 30 banks and lenders. The institution that is most suitable for you when you are a Constable is unlikely to be the same one we would recommend for a Sergeant year one.  Rather than try to fit square pegs into round holes, we can move you seamlessly between institutions as your needs change.

    Family Owned

    You have direct access to us. We are a growing family owned business. We are large enough to have a solid reputation and working relationship with the banks and lenders we use. We are small enough to know your name when you call, and remember you and your needs.

    In Your Shoes

    When making a recommendation we place ourselves in your shoes. We ask ourselves what is the best first step, how we can improve on what you already have and what can be done to maximize your situation.

    Our promise to police families

    Listen to you

    We will listen to what you tell us and make a recommendation on that basis.

    Customer first

    Your needs as a customer take priority over all other stakeholders in the transaction.

    Do what we say

    We will tell you what can and cannot be done. We will do what we say we are going to do.

    Available to you

    You will have access to your broker and business manager during business hours and reasonable access outside business hours by appointment.

    Working with us

    Who will contact me?

    When you first contact us you will be given a list of each team member and their contact details. You will only ever be contacted by a person on this list.

    How will I be contacted?

    You will be contacted via your nominated phone and email. We will often send you an sms to set and confirm appointments. Should you not be able to make it to the office we can meet using gchat, facetime or goto meeting.

    What information do you need?

    We will provided you with a detailed checklist of required supporting documents and ask you to complete a short needs questionnaire.

    Can we work together over the phone?

    As long as your identity can be verified to lender and statutory standards, distance from our physical office will not prevent you from working with us.

    What is negotiated pricing?

    Negotiated pricing is when a lender offers you an interest rate discount based on who you are, the size of your loan and the value of the property you are offering as security.

    How long does approval take?

    All banks work to an SLA or service level agreement. This determines how long it will take to process an application given a submission of “perfect” quality. Big 4 banks fluctuate between 1 to 5 days. Each institution is different.

    Do you offer a free veda credit check?

    Using Equifax we will conduct a check at no upfront cost to you. This will help us identify together any issues that will effect who you can apply to and the potential success with a particular lender.

    Our process

    How long does the initial phone consultation take?

    We will schedule 15 minutes for your first call. Once we find out what you need we will allocate time accordingly.

    What is a need analysis?

    Our recommendation is based on your needs as a customer. We ask you questions to find out how to help you.

    What is the standard questionnaire?

    The standard question take 6-8 minutes to complete. It is 100% confidential. Your personal information is not provided to any third party until it is time to make a formal application for finance with a lender or bank.

    Fast track to yes

    Why is document quality so important?

    Presenting a home loan application to a financial institution is in some way similar to preparing a brief of evidence for court. The need for quality documents can not be overstated.

    How to handle a request for further information?

    All information should be provided to the lender in the first instance. In around 5% of cases the lender asks us a question about you that we had not anticipated. Please supply this information to us as soon as possible.

    What is the state of the home loan market

    Home loan promotions do not always get published to the wider media. Often banks and lenders distribute information about their promotions exclusively to their broker network.

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